In 2015 the local survey produced an excellent set of data and information to provide a basis on which to develop a plan for the residents and businesses within the Crowan Parish.

However due to unforeseen circumstances the development of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) has stalled since late 2015, so in order to get the project back on track in September the Parish Council held a meeting and re-established a Steering Group to ensure that the Crowan NP progresses taking due note of the current wishes of the residents and businesses.

The NP Steering Group met again on 18 October 2016 and is now drafting the main vision, objectives and topics that need to be covered within the NP, based upon their understanding of the feedback received through then 2015 Survey together with subsequent discussions.

The next meeting of the NP Steering Group will be held at 7.30 pm on 16 November 2016, so If you are interested in what the NP is about, how it affects you and how you can contribute then please do come along as all your views will help to shape the future of the Crowan Parish.

In the meantime if you wish to provide your views and information relevant to the NP or have any queries then please do contact:-

Councillor Colin Parnell
Tel: 01209 831 476
Mobile: 07932 155 562

Ideally we need representative views from all sections of the community.

Download  Document: 161018-web-update-neighbourhood-plan.pdf