Expressions of Interest in Local Maintenance Plan (LMP) Contract and Crowan Parish Council Tender Document.

Tender Invitation

There are 11.44 km of paths classified as Gold and 49.29 km of paths classified as Silver in Crowan Parish. Rights of Way require up to two cuts per year (as detailed in the Tender Document supplied on application). Tenders deadline is 01/03/21 at 1200.

Please apply to:
Acting Parish Clerk
Crowan Parish Council
c/o The Art House
36 Fore Street
TR14 0JX

Tel: 07307 588991

The Maintenance Contract will be awarded to the contractor offering the best value to Crowan Parish Council based on skills provided; experience; cost effectiveness. The contract will not simply be awarded to lowest bid. A thorough evaluation of bids will take place in a Closed Committee session in order to comply with GDPR and Parish Council codes of conduct. The successful contractor will be informed before end 22/03/21.