Chronicle Nov 2014

Crowan Parish Council

Crowan Parish Council has welcomed a new Councillor, Mr Colin Parnell of Praze has signed his Acceptance documents and joined us at the Full Parish Council meeting on 9th October 2014. There is still one seat empty at the Parish Council , in particular it would be complimentary if a member of the Public from Townshend or Nancegollan would join – if there is anyone interested please contact our Clerk, Mrs Gillian Thompson or attend one of our meetings first to observe.

Each month our local PCSO updates us of the crime statistics in the Parish and gives us appropriate information to pass on. Our new officer PCSO Fuller, attended the November meeting for his first time and asked us to make the public aware that telephone and online fraud is happening again in this area. Fraudsters are ringing people and pretending to be from their banks or buildings society’s to obtain crucial information to steal monies. Similarly there are fraudsters using emails, to obtain account information to steal funds. Please be aware and do not give out any information over the phone and if you know someone who might not be aware of this practice, please explain to them, be careful, do not disclose financial information to anyone. 

On 9th November 2014 the Parish attended the Remembrance Service at the Memorial in Praze. Members of the Military, representatives from Cornwall Council, the British Legion, Praze Fair Show, Praze Youth Club and family members all laid wreaths and tributes at the Memorial; again I was privileged to lay the wreath for Crowan Parish Council and it makes me very proud to see so many people attending. Deacon Geoff Tamblin lead the service, Cllr Alex Brown read a tribute and Mr Chris Blewett read the names of the men from Crowan who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Sadly this year we have added a new name on the Memorial, following the tragic loss of Cpl. James Walters in April. Miss Chloe Glover of Praze played her cornett beautifully, giving us the Last Post and Reveille, both pieces were complimented by the Military and Public. The service followed at Leedstown, in a packed Chapel.

On the subject of the Memorial, I would like to say that Crowan Parish Council had the Memorial professionally cleaned earlier in the year ready to commemorate the WW1 service especially. We are committed to keeping the Memorial in good condition for the future. The Memorial in Townshend is privately owned but this year was also cleaned by Mr Chris Blewett of L. Blewett & Son Funeral Directors, paid for by a member of the public.

We are launching the Crowan Neighbourhood Plan which is your opportunity to input your views and suggestions for planning for the next 20 years. Once the Public events, survey and information is gathered, collated and presented, this Plan will provide the template for planning and building, the avenue for developments including education and health. We have formed a Steering Group and would like members of the Community to join us on sub-committees focussing on the environment, agriculture etc. If you might be interested then please contact our Clerk.

We have refreshed our website, it now has a cleaner format, easy to follow sub-pages, information trails and capacity to hold more information. If you would like to have a quick browse or want to find contact details then please go to www. There is information about the invite for tenders for footpaths and cuttings available.

The Appeal for the Single Travellers site at Horsedowns has been allowed. Crowan Parish Council are extremely disappointed at this judgement. After discussion in our November meeting, we are going to inquire as to why Cornwall Council in their representation to the Inspector, did not mention at all our point re soil contamination and the minimum need for testing prior to any family living on the site. At the Planning Committee Stage we pointed out: ‘There has been no investigation into possible soil contamination on the site. Crowan Parish Council are deeply concerned that contaminated land could have a detrimental effect on the well being and health of the family and in particular children. I have deep concerns for the well being of all children and the Applicants children and their good health and development are of equal importance as any other child. If this site is to be approved then we request that a full soil investigation be done prior to any occupation. It is recorded in 2006, a previously proposed Gypsy and Traveller site at Binner Downs which is close to this site, failed to progress partly due to contamination’. A member of the Public informed Cornwall Council to the highest level, of the reason why the previous 2006 Binner Downs application failed, but Cornwall Council have failed to follow this lead, yet they attest their concerns for the health of Applicant’s family. We are asking Cornwall Council why they failed to include this most important issue in their representation to the Inspector.

Cllr Bill Tripp represented the residents of Horsedowns who had expressed their views on the Application when he rang the Gypsy and Traveller Liaison Officer at Cornwall Council in September. Cllr Tripp was not given a sympathetic ear and despite his best efforts, not treated as a member of the Public should have been. We reported this and other concerns to the officers’ line manager and received full apologies, especially to Cllr Tripp.

The water pressure at Leedstown issue is progressing, thanks to Cllr Ward’s determination and dexterity. Myself and Cllr Henwood assisted Cllr Ward with a private pressure test on varying sites at differing times of the day which proved there was insufficient pressure. We took this to Andrew George MP who in turn took this to SWW. SWW have placed Leedstown high on their schedule for works, which will cost around £ to make the necessary improvements. Mr Gary Furse and Mr Brian Blake of SWW attended our October meeting and outlined the issue and their plans and we are awaiting updates as to (hopefully) when these works might take place.

I have received many concerns from residents of Leedstown about the soil being removed from the new development, firstly that it is being removed in dumper trucks (not sealed) and is being dumped on the outskirts of the village unprotected. We are very concerned about this from a Public Health perspective and are raising our concerns with the Environment Agency immediately. It is not good enough for Cornwall Council to ‘have a plan’ but while it has had a wet spell this is damping the soil down which is ok…we will be pursuing this.

When the Public toilets were refurbished and reopened in Praze, there was created a room at the back Crowan Parish Council now plan to have carpeted and supply some meeting furniture so as to provide a small room for hire. We are very pleased with the feedback about the toilets, most people are pleased with them and I would like to thank Cllr Webb who cleaned out the leaves from the gutters. There were many people who offered to volunteer to assist with the outside tidying of the toilet building and we would be glad to hear from those people to create a rota of brushing and tidying.

Our Public Rights of Way Committee are pleased that the cutting schedule for the footpaths is nearly complete for this year. We have completed and sent to Press the first of our Parish Walks booklets to be distributed to the Public and the second is being drafted. The Amenities Committee are always busy with keeping the football pitches to match standard and the playing fields safe for the public. Cllr Henwood has checked our Insurance Schedule is up to date and has been busy liaising with the Clerk to ensure the tenders are going out for the ongoing maintenance work in the Parish Recreations areas. Behind the scenes our Internal Audit Committee have ensured all the accounts and paperwork is correct and up-to-date and I have conducted my annual 1:2:1 with our Clerk to ensure we are covering our responsibilities as an employer. As we are all volunteers, it does remind me that we are all giving considerable amounts of our time to ensure the Parish Council is healthy and fulfilling it’s responsibilities to the Parish.

Finally, this is my last up-date before Christmas and New Year. Hopefully I will see many of you at the various Christmas Light displays that will soon be erected for your enjoyment. On behalf of Crowan Parish Council, I would sincerely like to wish all our Parishioners a Happy Christmas and New Year 2015.

Sandra J. Muriel

Chair, Crowan Parish Council