Notice of planning applications to be considered by the Parish Council on 17th April 2020
All public comments and communications regarding the planning applications below must be communicated in writing to the Parish Clerk at by 12:30 PM on 16th April 2020

Should you be without access to email, please telephone the clerk on 07307 588991 who will provide alternative instructions.

Details of planning applications can be accessed on Cornwall Council’s Planning Register – link below:

1PA20/01986Belmont, Binnerton Road, Leedstown TR27 6BJDemolition of existing grade C mundic, semi detached house, make good existing party wall, add structural strength and cladding to finish. Construct new 4 bedroom detached house
2 PA20/02447 Binnerton Manor, Binnerton Road, Leedstown TR27 6BLConversion and Extension of Existing Agricultural Barn

Gill Lidgett
Parish Clerk
2nd April 2020